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Greenleaf Environmental Services Inc.
7360 Milnor Street,  Philadelphia, PA 19136
(215) 333-2999 Ext. 301 or 302

Waste Management Capabilities

Chemical Recycling

Chemical Disposal Services

Toxic Waste Removal

Heat Transfer Fluids

Lab packs /Lab Pack Disposal

Tank Services

Emergency Response Services

Coolants Disposal

Laboratory Chemical Disposal

Mid Atlantic Chemical Disposal

Philadelphia Chemical Disposal

Environmental disposal services

Toxic Waste Removal

Serving Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, Delaware, and Lower New York State only.

New Jersey Chemical Disposal

New York Chemical Disposal

PA Chemical Disposal

Maryland Chemical Disposal


After reviewing your waste alternatives, you will reach the same conclusion many of our customers already have:

Greenleaf Environmental is the safe, responsible consulting choice for your waste requirements. You benefit from our experience in treatment, transportation and testing, enabling you to select among current waste treatment technologies including thermal destruction, distillation, and recycling, wastewater neutralization and discharge, etc.
Your unknown wastes can be sampled on-site by technicians and fingerprinted for identifying disposal alternatives.
Lab packs and surplus/off-spec material wastes are a specialty; including sampling, proper categorization, on-site packaging, transportation, and treatment.
Handling your waste responsibilities doesn’t have to be time consuming or confusing. Enjoy attentive service from our experienced consulting staff committed to making each step of the process easy. 

Thermal Destruction
Aqueous Treatment
Lab Packs  

PROVIDING consulting Services in Connection with Environmentally Responsible Treatment Technologies.

bulletChoose from numerous treatment facilities and disposal technologies
bulletUnknown wastes sampled and fingerprinted for compatibility and proper disposal
bulletTrained and experienced technicians available for on-site handling: Start to Finish
bulletAny quantity, from one drum to bulk including vac-tanker


Greenleaf does a great job with our waste requirements. They make a complicated process easy, right down to the certificates of treatment.

---Michael Easter, United Contamination Control


Serving Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, Delaware, and Lower New York State only.